About Us

Hello and welcome to Innovations In Glass!  My introduction to glass came in a round-about fashion.  After leaving my corporate career to spend more time with my family, I found myself needing an outlet for creativity.
I loved color and so I took a class in stained glass after deciding that I could follow a pattern if my creativity failed me.  My first piece, purple pansies, gave me an understanding of what was possible with this wonderful medium...glass.  The class was quickly followed by another advanced class and soon I found myself working in a glass store.  Being surrounded by sheets of opaque and translucent color was intoxicating.  I found myself sketching windows and lamps on scrap paper.  My Christmas list included a glass saw and grinder-items I had never heard of 6 months prior.  I found a way to use every piece of glass.  Large sheets were windows and lamps while scraps became mosaics and frames.  Soon I was adding kiln work to the mix and the ideas began to bloom.  Shaping glass with a cutting tool and then applying heat became my passion.  I found a second career - in the studio.
The Innovations In Glass studio is a place where color, texture, and light all work together to create magic.  Sometimes there is a plan to be executed, an idea that starts within the studio.  At times a client has an idea to be brought to life.  Still other times, the only starting point is a wedding gift needed or a blank window as the start.  The results are as varied as the ideas themselves.  Each time we get an opportunity to bring color and light together, the results bring a smile.  Innovations In Glass looks forward to designing and creating with you!